You have to fill out a form in the pharmacy and leave your white request form. You will then be registered with the prescription collection service and all you need to do is give us 3 days notice in order to request your prescription. We will tell you exactly what day to come in for your medication.

Tell any of the staff here if you cannot find a product in the pharmacy and we can try our best to order it for you..

Blister packs are useful for patients who forget when to take their medication, forgetting when to order their medication, trouble opening bottles and popping pills out of blister strips. You have to inform your doctor that you want your medication prodcuced as a blister pack. When we receive the blister pack prescription from your doctor we will prepare the blister pack and infrom you of when to collect it. We will also tell you when when are going to prepare the next blister pack.

If it is a weekday, it would be preferable to contact the surgery and explain the situation so that they can supply a prescription. If this is not possible for example it is the weekend or difficult to contact or go to the surgery then we can give you medication as an emergency supply. This can only be given if it is urgent and the pharmacist has to interview the patient who requires the medication. Only 30 days worth of medication can be provided as an emergency supply.